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Hudson Safe-T-Lite Rentals had it’s beginnings in San Diego, CA as Hudson Rents in a small warehouse on 2nd Street off Market in 1958. The company relocated to Mission Valley in 1960 and became Hudson Safe-T-Lite Rentals with a small house as an office and the garage as a shop. Since inception the company has been owned and operated by the same family, through three generations, maintaining long-term relationships with several customers since the first day of business.

Hudson Safe T Lite Rentals Company TruckResponse time is immediate with on-call service 24/7. We will prepare traffic plans, provide all required devices, and our technicians will route traffic safely through lane closures, detours, street closures, or freeway closures. When the job is complete, we will remove all traffic control quickly and safely so normal traffic can resume. Or, if you have a crew to perform the traffic control, we will deliver the devices to your jobsite and come back to pick them up at the job’s completion.

Hudson Safe-T-Lite Rentals is:

  • A Caltrans Certified WBE Business
  • A California Certified Small Business
  • A Supplier Clearinghouse PUC Certified WBE Business
  • A City of San Diego Certified Small Local Business Enterprise
  • I.B.E.W Local #47 signatory member. (Union Affiliation)

Hudson Safe-T-Lite Rentals…..The Traffic Control Specialists.

California State License (C-31) # 788289